The Top Ljubljana Foods Traditional food walk

The Top Ljubljana Foods Traditional food walk will take you through the old Ljubljana town. 

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  • Learn about the city, architecture and lcoal history
  • Enjoy local and national gastronomy from all parts  of Slovenia
  • Try 9 traditional dishes from a variety of different cuisines
  • Taste 4 sorts of Slovenian  wine
Languages: English, Slovenian
Duration: 4 hours
Group size: 2-15
Starting / Meeting point: Ljubljana – Center

During a 3-4 hour guided long easy walk you will learn about the city, stories of the people, architecture, history of Slovene nation and of course – local and national gastronomy.

Top Ljubljana Foods is much more than a food tour and definitely not your usual city tour.  Two departures are available, one at 11 o’clock (AM) which is perfect if you just arrived and are hungry but would love to get acquainted with the city and 18 o’clock (6 PM) tour which enables you to see Ljubljana in evening colors, if you had an afternoon arrival.

During the food tour 9 traditional dishes from a variety of different cuisines from all parts and circles of society of Slovenia and 4 sorts of wine will be tasted along familiarizing yourself with historical Ljubljana center and hearing an overview of the history of Slovenes. At the end of the tour your tummy will be full, your thirst will be gone and you will know more about the history of Slovenes then some of our fellow citizens. You will also be in the know about the old town and know where to go next, what to do next and what to eat next. It’s a perfect way to start your stay in our beautiful and tasty capital city!

What's included

  • Guided city tour 
  • All food and drink tastings 
  • Organisation


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