How it works?

FindEatLocal booking platform promotes your business and connects you with the travelers around the world.

1 - Create account

2 - Upload your products

3 - Manage bookings

4 - Get paid

WE SAVE YOUR TIME: Our dedicated support is always available for help and content optimization for free!

Getting started

IT'S FREE TO USE! You only pay commission on successful bookings

1. Register and create business profile

Simply register and create your free business profile - add your logo, about and description. Account Manager will send you an e-mail notification, confirming you can start adding bookable products (wine tours, tastings, cooking classes, local activities....) to our online booking marketplace.

2. Add your products

You can add products from your administration dashboard or you can simply send product data to our email and we will optimize it on your behalf. Once optimized and approved, your products will appear on FindEatLocal and you can manage them anytime. Add as many products you can offer to increase your opportunities to get more bookings.

3. Free content optimization and translation

Good content is essential for your bookings, therefore we help you create high-quality information. Your products can be published in many different languages. We offer free translation and description optimization from your native language to English.

4. Communication with customers

Potential customers can ask questions for each product directly through the FindEatLocal web site. When a customer asks a question, you will receive an e-mail notification to log in to your dashboard profile and respond to the customer.

5. Manage and confirm your bookings

When the customer book your product you will receive an email confirmation. You just login to your business dashboard and confirm, edit or cancel booking. For all questions regarding bookings your account manager will be happy to assist.

6. Receive monthly payments

All payments, refunds and cancellations are handled for you via our system. Therefore we send you automatic monthly payments at the beginning of each month, for all your executed tours in previous month.

Commission pricing

After you have confirmed your business profile, your Account Manager will set the rate for your business and you will receive an e-mail notification. Please see commission rates in chart below.

Published products Regular commission
1 19 %
2-5 17 %
6 and more 15 %

WE SAVE YOUR TIME: Our dedicated support is always available for help and content optimization for free!

It takes less than 3 minutes

Or simply send us your question and dedicated account manager will be happy to help you.