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About us

World Experience Barcelona

We design innovative leisure and travel experiences for those looking for a unique, memorable and authentic experience in Barcelona.

We Barcelona is redefining the way people think about and enjoy their leisure time. We focus our efforts on those things that make living and travelling worthwhile, and through the joy of discovery, help create moments and memories that will last a lifetime. We Barcelona is very proud to offer some of the most amazing experiences in the city and surrounding area and we want to share these with you.

Our aim is to inspire you, and enrich your life as a traveller. We seek out the most exciting ways to explore your travel potential. We believe that the real value of each travel experience lies in your ability to tell stories that are unique to you and your experience in Barcelona.

We are passionate about experiences, and want to be your host here in Barcelona. We are constantly looking for the most authentic places, taking you off the beaten track, for a unique experience, allowing you to see what others haven’t seen and feel what others haven’t felt.

As Jung said “The live which is not lived is an illness that can kill you”. So, be brave, be curious, come and join us.

Welcome to Barcelona. Welcome to “We”.

Travel with a difference: From consumption to experience

We Barcelona is much more than a company. It is the expression of a vital need: to create, to innovate and to change the way we experience the world that we live in. Our dream is to change the tourist industry. We truly believe we can make history by creating something totally new. We don’t just offer routes, guides and visits, we offer experiences. We are passionate about travelling and getting to know new cultures. We share this passion with our employees, and we want to share it with the locals of Barcelona and, above all, with you.

We Barcelona has three core aims that are central to who we are and what we do:

  • With you: Our aim is to inspire you and to enrich your life, as a traveller and as a person, by offering you unique and memorable experiences. We hope to make your life less ordinary and, instead, richer, more creative, and more unique.
  • With the local community: We want to inspire, and contribute to, sustainable and responsible development. We want to ensure that all development protects and emphasizes the environmental and social heritage of Barcelona and the surrounding area.
  • With our partners: Our intention is to value the human potential of our partners and collaborators, inspiring their personal growth, making them enjoy their work through a win-win relationship.

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