Portugal, Lisbon

About us

All our private tours are made to keep you off “the beaten tracks”. This means that we will take you to all the places that a traveller obviously shouldn’t miss out on, but at the same time away from the usual touristic hustle, sharing with you all the places, people and culture we know and love.

We don’t want you to feel like a tourist on our tours, rather a fellow traveller or a friend that came to visit. We’ll give you time to “soak everything in”. There is no time table to be met, or places that must be seen.

Our goal is based on a personalized and qualified service, on client satisfaction, honesty and professionalism.

Therefore, we don’t make tours for large groups that contribute to the mass-tourism and destruction of heritage and nature. Our private tours are designed for small groups. Tours go from 2 to 12 travellers. Only this way can we provide you with a respectable service that takes care of you.

You will always be guided by someone that has a passion and knowledge about nature, local history, customs and gastronomy and who enjoys meeting new, different and open minded people seeking new experiences. We’ll provide you with accurate information in order to make your time with us pleasant and satisfying.

Just choose a trip or tour and let us worry about takinguthere.

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