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Spanish Trails

Spanish Trails

Spain, Barcelona

About us

Spanish Trails is a boutique incoming travel agency that offers intimate, informative and entertaining day tours in Barcelona and around Catalonia. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly unique and personalized guided tours. It is important for our guests to know the value of what they are paying for.

When asked why our tours are more expensive than a seemingly comparable tour from another operator, we can only reply that it is simply not the same tour. This is what you get when you book with Spanish Trails:

Local Knowledge & Experience

Sharing Catalan history, culture and tradition is a key part of the Spanish Trails experience. Our goal is to make certain that all of our guests gain a true understanding of these elements of local life. Away from the crowds is where we take you. Our destinations are largely places that buses and the crowds cannot get to. For more popular sites of interest, we make sure to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Personable, Entertaining & Knowledgeable Guides

Most of our clients describe our tours as a day out with friends. We provide dynamic, informative and personalized guided tours where the guide stays with the clients. We do not leave guests to explore independently, although that is always an option for clients who want to venture out on their own.

Consistency & Professionalism

Have a look at the hundreds of 5-star client reviews on Trip Advisor, Cruise Critic and other similar traveler review sites for an unbiased snapshot of client opinion on the services we provide daily. Since 2001 we have proudly hosted more than 16,000 independent travelers (average of 5 guests/tour) and thousands of event participants, of which many have been repeat clients and/or have sent family, friends and colleagues our way.

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