Portugal on a Plate

Portugal on a Plate

Portugal on a Plate

Portugal, Lisbon

About us

Join us in exploring Lisbon through our rich gastronomy.

Experience genuine local foods and hear about traditional family restaurants and shops, historical events that shaped Portuguese culture and the range of produce and ingredients that characterise our gastronomy. Our tours focus on the influence of Portuguese gastronomy around the world.

Find out about 15th and 16th Century Portuguese food exports to Japan (tempura) and India (Vindaloo, Pakora), how 18th Century conventual sweet-making complemented catholic habit starching and how new Christians (‘converted’ Jews in the 15th Century) invented a new delicacy by subtly substituting pork for poultry in traditional Portuguese smoked sausage making, or how Port wine began as a way of preserving wine in the 17th century on long transports to Britain

After one of our walks you will be able to shop locally, order more knowledgeably in a restaurant or pick some great ingredients to bring home as a reminder of the great tastes of Portugal. Come and discover hidden gems in Lisbon's traditional neighbourhoods and taste Portugal on a Plate!

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