Authentic Bulgaria LLC

Authentic Bulgaria LLC

Authentic Bulgaria LLC

Bulgaria, Sofia

About us

Are you involved in wine, wine culture and all variety of ways Bulgaria could be represented in its true light? Follow DivineRoutes...

We are above all two Bulgarians who decided to return to their homeland, two persons who want to show their true selves.

outes is our passion. And we simply follow it by making sure we deliver an original and quality tourist product based on the following values:

Professionalism: selecting the best service and accommodation providers to ensure a complete and memorable experience;

Responsible attitude towards the environment: striving for sustainable development and preservation of nature, local communities, culture and traditions;

Authentic hospitality: personal attitude towards guests and staff.

We invite you to enjoy the journey and to discover new emotional routes!

DivineRoutes is our passion. And we simply follow it.

We'll feel it's been worthwhile if upon our shared journey (wine tour, cycling tour, cultural tour, culinary tour, hiking tour, ski tour) you say to yourself:

Bulgaria is wonderful. And this is not a cliché. We focus on the things we sense and rediscover.

We do not compare with other regions, countries, people... We do live through uniqueness.

Uniqueness hidden in the nature, in the grape varieties, in the people's spirit... Let us introduce our great opportunities for wine tours and wine getaways through which you shall discover some of the hidden treasures in Bulgaria.

The uniqueness of Bulgaria is not hidden in the nature and anthropogenic givens only, neither in the amount of possibilities for different kinds of tourism, whether will be summer or ski tourism, or wine tourism, combining the millennial traditions of winemaking on our lands with the cultural and historical heritage and the amazingly delicious cuisine... all in a breathtaking wine tour, or cycling tourism, where you have the privilegue to enjoy the unique natural landmarks with every sense of your body, or hiking tourism, which will exhaust you phisically, but your spirit will feel more free than ever, the uniqueness is in the energy and the spirituality of ours!

We get inspired by people and by what they created in tune with nature.

The wine tours, wine tastings and the wine tourism is a wonderful result of terroir. We share!

Best things happen when we communicate along our journeys. I realized it!

We'll be heading a long excursion, which direction and objective will become clear on the traces left.

We invite you to enjoy the journey and to discover the potential for alternative tourism, expressed in wine tours, cycling tours, culinary tours, hiking tours, cultural and historical tours, and many others...!

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