Edinburgh Food Tour

Edinburgh food tour is not just about eating and food tasting. We join the dots so you can truly begin to understand Edinburgh's thriving culinary scene. 

Food tasting, Walking & Sightseeing

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At 12 pm


  • See local markets and shops
  • Interesting stories about Edinburgh food, culture & history
  • An experience you'll always appreciate & never forget
Languages: English
Duration: 3,5 hours
Group size: min 1 - max 10
Starting / Meeting point: Outside St Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh food tour starts in the The Old Town

Edinburgh food tour starts in the The Old Town on the place you will find where Edinburgh all started. Edinburgh Castle being the very central start to Edinburgh, where many Kings and Queens have lived throughout time, and down the streets and closes, all with a very colourful history.

Edinburgh food tours aren't just about eating. We join the dots so you can truly begin to understand Edinburgh's thriving culinary scene. On our tours we connect you with Edinburgh's Old Town on a personal level - tasting and learning about the food that the local venues residents line up at and are happy to share.

As you will find with Edinburgh there is a wonderful mix of the old and new. Our choice of location in the Old Town is going to give you the most traditional, interesting and, on occasion, slightly dark feel to Edinburgh.

All of this rich history is just a side plate to the main course of tasty warming and most importantly, accurate Scottish cuisine. You will get to try our most famous dishes like Haggis (don't be worried it tastes a lot better than the stories you hear about what's in it!), salmon tart, Whisky,cheese, gin, tea and scones and of course our secret dish...

What's included

  • 3 to 3 and a half hours guided food tour of Edinburgh
  • Tastings of food and drinks
  • A knowledgeable & charming, English speaking, tour guide


All tickets sold are non-refundable as your space is guaranteed at the tours. We may be able to offer alternative days to attend depending on availability.

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