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Discover Croatia, the wonderful Balkan country, through a food tours combining delicious culinary experience, tastes and magnificent sights.

Join the food tour in Croatia!

Croatia is the wonderful Balkan and Mediteranian country, through a food tour combining delicious tastes and magnificent sights. Thanks to delightful local food and renowned wines you will be offered to taste and able to please both your eyes and taste buds at the same time. Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

We are offering food and wine tours in some unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track places where you will taste some special experiences.

Except those “special experiences” you will: Immerse in local cuisine, Surprise your taste buds, Feel Croatian way of life, Eat healthy and fresh, Taste delicious wines, Connect with new friends from all over the world

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Ready for a food tour in Croatia

We have food fitting everyone, with a wide range of different tastes, traditions and ingredients depending on the region you are in; as well as many different types of wine, from red to white, from strong to light, from dry to sweet. According to your tastes and to the part of Croatia you want to visit, we have many different types of tours that we can offer you. Also, according to the region you will visit, the specialities won’t be the same because the influences are quite different: Roman, Greek, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Turkish and so on… Better to say that food is very diversified in Croatia! And wait to see all those meals, those wines, you will lose your mind tasting them!

Our recipes are also very tasty, from basic dishes that you definitely have to try, such as pršut (a kind of smoked and salted ham, absolutely delicious!) or savijača (baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough and stuffed with different types of ingredients); and elaborate traditional dishes (peka, pašticada and brudet for example, if you don’t know all of those you should check photos on our website - they will make you hungry for sure!). But this is just a scratch on a surface, we have many other delicacies, you have to come here to taste it for yourself.

Wine tours Croatia

Trust us, our wines make difference as they are full of sun and grown here! They are delightful, this very specific taste you won’t be able to find anywhere else. And whether you are more into the complexity of the red wine or more into the freshness of the white wine, you will surely find something fitting your expectations. Our country is well known for its grape, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are wine experts! And add to that the fact that the wine culture has been existing for more than 2500 years and you will fully understand why our wines are so renowned. It was brought by the Greeks, before being expanded by the Romans. For the wines, we also have many different types, such as Babić, Malvazija, Debit, Pošip, Bogdanuša, Dingač and so on… Both white and red wine, all so exquisite and delicate...

Croatia Food and Wine destination

As our tours are not only about food but also about discovery, let us tell you that we have also some pretty convincing arguments regarding this subject! It is in all sincerity that we can tell you that Croatia may be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. All our ancient vestiges, hidden coves, preserved islands, stone build fishing villages, paradisiac beaches and sparkling sea make Croatia a destination you should put on your top list. 

Honestly, what on Earth is better than enjoying amazing food while drinking a refreshing and delicious glass of wine, admiring magnificent sights of the jewels of the Mediterranean basin? Yes, we know, it sounds idyllic, but it is something you should do choosing our food and wine tours in Croatia!

We have tours for every budget, for wine lovers, food lovers, for gastronomy connoisseurs, for simple cuisine enthusiasts… We also have offers adjustable to different diets and allergies, for example, vegan food or gluten-free diet. For the food tasting, beverages are often included, such as wine, but if you don’t drink alcohol, you can ask for another beverage as well. All details are written in the tours descriptions.

Everyone wants to visit Croatia during summer and we won’t blame you for that. Turquoise water, endless beaches, warm weather and sun-soaked food, who wouldn’t fall in love with this pure beauty? And as Croatia can be overcrowded during summer, you may think that you won’t be able to experience a truly picturesque and preserved tour. Well, don’t be so sure! We are offering tours in some unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track places so our clients can feel some very special experiences