Croatian cooking classes are the best options if you've ever wanted to learn how to cook, meet new people, explore Croatian culture and have a full culinary experience! Take Croatia cooking class and you'll be feeling like a real local on your Croatia holiday!

Croatia cooking class ideas and suggestions

Explore Croatian gastronomy and enjoy buying on local markets, cooking with a local chef and eat like a local.

Local market tour and cooking class in Zadar, Croatia

Join the group at our Local market tour and a Cooking class in Zadar and experience local cuisine at its best !

Welcome to Zadar, a place where tradition meets the urban vibe. Here, on the medieval city square accommpanied by the music of the Sea Organ and tempting smells from the nearby restaurants and bistros starts your cooking adventure.

Croatian cooking classes are a great way of relly getting to know the area of Zadar. We all know that the food brings the best of people and we have a special treat for you here in Zadar.

Local dinner cooking class in Zadar, Croatia

Join our local dinner cooking class in Zadar, Croatia and discover new culinary techniques and traditions as you prepare and cook your meal. Enjoy in a deserved dinner and toast to your hard work with the glass of local wine.

Try your hand in a Dalmatian kitchen on the 3-hour cooking class in Zadar. Set in the bear heart of the city; learn how to whip up an authentic 2-course dinner with the help of a professional chef.

Make Dalmatian classics such as sea food risotto, mussels in buzara sauce, stuffed squids or delicious fritule – mini boozy doughnuts. Reward your hard work afterwards with Numbers are limited to 8 people in this small-group workshop in order to keep your experience intimate.

Cooking Class "Under Peka" in Croatia, Zadar

Come and learn the special procedure of Cooking "Under Peka". Half-day Dalmatian food tour will take you to the real farmhouse in the Dalmatian countryside for a cooking lesson with a local chef, where you will enjoy a wine tasting with the meal.

You will have a private driver in high class car, stay in elegant, historic and boutique hotels,enjoying in wine tasting ,domestic and homemade food on best family agrotourism or high end restaurants, learn the history and culture of towns and cities more than 3000 years old...

Peka Lesson in Primošten Burni

Enjoy a cooking class in Primošten Burni, a protected ethno village, featuring traditional stone architecture of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Peka lession in Primošten - "Peka" is one of the best known traditional Croatian dishes. Though simple at first glance, "Peka" requires a great deal of skill and experience.

All the food you will eat was organically grown and you will prepare it with your hosts in a small konoba – traditional kitchen with a grill, enjoying an authentic local wine sort Babić, home-made local delicacies prepared under peka, while waiting for the main specialty.

The focus of your cooking class is the art of peka, a traditional Croatian cooking accessory (a domed lid to be placed over a pan or stone slab and covered in burning charcoal) and dish of the same name (veal, lamb or yearling beef covered with potatoes and other vegetables). As part of the tour you will also visit the ethno village Draga.

Croatian Cooking Class in Zagreb

No matter what your level of skill in the kitchen, this cooking class is an entertaining and educational experience that will give you an insight into a very important piece of Croatian culture - food. Begin your class with a visit to Zagreb’s central market and find out how to spot the best ingredients for Croatian specialties.

After the visit of the market, you will walk to the great cooking facility where your cooking class takes place. Then it's time to roll up your sleeves and learn how to prepare traditional Croatian dishes! With personal guidance from your expert instructor, learn how to prepare and cook three different dishes - starter, main course and a dessert. When the cooking is over, enjoy your creations paired with local wine.
Starting time is a subject to agreement, but we suggest to start about 11am so you can get the best of the central market. The whole cooking class experience lasts about 3 hours.

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