Slovenia has become one of Europe’s top 10 nature destinations. Slovenia is privileged to have both an opening onto the Adriatic Sea and a prt of the Alps.

Slovenia is also known for tasty wines and local food specialties – click here to read more about wines of Slovenia.

The British tabloid Daily Mail has placed Slovenia among the top ten eco-friendly hot spots in the world, praising the country for its many green credentials. “Slovenia is often overlooked as a tourism destination but it has plenty of green credentials,” the paper stressed on its website.

Daily Mail praises Ljubljana, the European Green Capital of 2016, for moving towards zero waste and having buses that run on natural gas and an urban electric train. What is more, 46% of the land within the city boundary is indigenous woodland, the paper cites the Green Capital website.

It is not all about Ljubljana, however, as outside the city, there “are also many eco-friendly farms that offer visitors an insight into the local life” and the mountains offer “some fantastic mountain hiking trails to explore as well”.

Apart from Slovenia, Daily Mail picked destinations such as Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Peru and Bhutan as the world’s top eco-friendly locations.

Source: STA

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