Flos Olei, has declared that the world’s best olive this year is from the Croatian region of Istria.

This year’s guide included the top 500 olive growers from 59 countries, and featured 50 Istrian olive growers. This meant that there were more olive growers from Istria than the Italian region of Tuscany, which until this latest issue had been dominated the publication. Istrian olive oil voted the best in the world 2016

Many of the top olive oil producers in the world tussle to be included in the Flos Olei guide. In 2005 the region of Istria had only two olive producers in the guide, now eleven years later that number has grown to fifty. The quality of Croatian olive oil has never been in doubt, however due to the relatively small quantities produced compared to other European countries Croatia has found it hard to break into foreign markets. The culture of olive growing in Istria is continuously improving, especially in the restaurant industry, where the finest restaurants have already adopted the standard to serve their specialities with at least one small bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

“The Flos Olei guide,” Oreggia said, “demonstrates that quality extra virgin olive oil has no borders. Once it only regarded a few producing countries, but today things have changed and knowledge has spread, letting other countries achieve outstanding results. Croatian Istria has been proving very successful over the last years, with a very good average quality even though this year it received no awards, while Greece surprised us reacting to the arduous harvest and to the economic crisis with a decisive turning point towards quality and foreign markets.”

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