Bujta Repa is a traditional slovenian dish made of pork. It is served all over the country and is a widely popular dish. The name ‘bujta’ can be translated as ‘kill’, and this dish is usually eaten in the winter months. Bujta repa is a slovenian culinary specialty closely related to a pig slaughter or koline as the parts of the pig that otherwise go to waste are used: the head, the skin, and the bones, all of which are cooked for approximately 30 minutes. Then comes the other chief ingredient, turnips (“repa” in Slovenian), followed by groats, as well as a touch of onions, garlic, bay leaves, and plenty of lard.

In essence, Bujta Repa is a type of thick pork soup prepared by mixing pork ingredients such as skin and pig head in a large pot and slowly stewing it. It is served as a main dish – hot pot or may be warmed up for a couple of days.

For a long time, “bujta repa” was eaten only at home. But with the recent turn towards home-style cooking and the rediscovery of traditional Slovenian recipes, “bujta repa” has begun to appear on restaurant menus across Slovenia.

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