Belokranjska povitica – Bela krajina rolled cake is a traditional pastry from Slovenia. It consists of circles of crispy dough that is filled with sweet filling. As soon as the dough is created, it is left on open air to sit for at least an hour before gets rolled and stretched very thinly. Then the pastry is getting rolled into a circular shape. Most common filling for this pastry are curds and ricotta cheese.

Belokranjska povitica (English: Bela krajina rolled cake) is a Slovenian national dish. It was supposedly brought to the Bela Krajina region by Uskoks, who were Croatian Habsburg soldiers that inhabited the areas of the eastern Adriatic area. The name itself, povitica, explains the preparation procedure. The term povitica is a derivate from verb poviti (English: to roll).

The dough is made of flour, water, salt and 1/2 tea spoon of vinegar. The dough rests for half an hour. The dough is then rolled out and stretched out as thin as possible.

The filling is made of curd cheese, eggs, heavy cream, oil and butter. The filling is spread evenly on the dough sheet, rolled into a swirl and placed in a greased baking tin.

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