Agritourism – agriturismo are local farms, usually family owned, that combines local food products and local cuisine with accommodation and tourism. When you visit this kind of farm, you can expect that the farmer will be your host. This way you will get a real local experience. Some families has rich history and has been cultivating vines and food for over 100 years and more. Their knowledge and passion has been handed down through the generations. Their passion for the natural things will provide guests with tasty dishes in agreement with the seasonality of the products and their locally sourced products farm-to-table.

Small restaurants or home kitchen where you can taste typical dishes from grandmothers handbook, prepared only with local ingredients. You may sit down at the table with your host family. Some agriturismos are simple and rustic, while others are downright luxurious, offering amenities such as swimming pools and riding stables. The quality of the rooms varies, but they are always clean and comfortable.

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Agritourism Cascina la Comenda
La Commenda is made of four buildings: the actual house, one of the first built in this hamlet, dating back to the 16th century and made of stone, barrel vault and brick; the barn, built in the same period and extended several times; the portico, built in 1910, and the house built in the 1960s as a new home for the tenant farmers.

In our small shop you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in summer. Throughout the rest of the year however you can buy wheat and corn stone-ground flours produced by us.

The grinding is done by the recently renovated mill Molino della Riviera in Dronero, which is 100% water-powered. Both our bread and our pastries are made with these ingredients.

You can also find products made by us such as: jams, in oil and in pickles vegetables, dried tomatoes, preserves, wines and organic honey by local producers, and finally an exhibition of stoneware bowls hand-crafted by our friends from Studio Potter in Peveragno. Around La Commenda there also are small shops where you can buy local products.

Agriturismo Cascina la Comenda
Agriturismo Cascina la Comenda

Agritourism Cascina Trapella
Cascina Trapella is located in Roncaglia, an area of Casale Monferrato town.
It is an historical house, built in the XVII Century. After a complete restoration, Cascina Trapella has turned to be a cozy and comfortable living place. Surrounded by 50,000sqm of land (garden, a wood of local rare trees and strictly biological cultivations), Cascina Trapella is the “ideal heaven” for people who are used to a hustle and bustle metropolitan life.

Certified for Biological products
With our own hundreds “Nashi” Asian Pear trees, we are able to supply our biological pears in its season. Nashi Pear flowers are white with five petals; they flower around April. The fruit is harvested in late summer and early fall. We also provide vegetables and fruits available in the different months of the year, made in Trapella or in neighbors farms (certified for Biological products and members of the association “La Madia Monferrina”).

Taste typical Piedmontese dishes prepared with ingredients 100% bio.
Our small restaurant is in a wing of the main building of Cascina Trapella: here you can taste typical Piedmontese dishes prepared with ingredients 100% bio. Our simple cooking draws on local traditions and we use only seasonal products.

Agriturismo Cascina Trapella
Agritourism Cascina Trapella
Agritourism La Comuna
Established in 1984 our farm developed from a beekeeping activity that spanned the whole nation in order to obtain the finest Italian honeys.
In the year 2000 the honey production was complemented by the goat farm and both sectors have since then been true to our beliefs, our honey and our new products such as milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese are in fact produced with the aim of respecting animal welfare, nature and the consumer.

Finally, the “agriturismo” (farmhouse holiday) is the crowning realization of our two passions: nature and people.

An alternative Goats’ milk is slighty sweeter than cows’ milk. Its chemical protein composition is similar to that of human milk. Many people are allergic to Alpha S1 Casein; a protein in cows’ milk that is not present in goats’. The fats contained in the two products are also completely different. Goat’s milk has more fatty acid on a short and medium chain and doesn’t contain agglutine.

These characteristics enables the product to be highly digestible. Antibiotics or other pharmacological additives are not present.

Goats’ cheese is a highly digestible prodcut. It is skimmed from centrified goats’ milk when cold. Like all other creams it is ideal fro whipping. Our produce includes a vast amount of cheeses; from fresh to mature, including: fresh “tomino” (natural with herbs, peppers, onions, honey etc.), fresh “caciotta”, mature “caciotta”, “robiola” and “tomino” in oil.

There is a possibility to come and taste all our farm’s products: milk, cheeses, yoghurt, kefir etc.

You could visit our farm, the breeding laboratories and processing of products.
Finally, the “agriturismo” (farmhouse holiday) is the crowning realization of our two passions: nature and people.

Agritourism La Comuna
Agritourism La Comuna

Agritourism Erbaluna
The total land surface covered in grapevines is of 15 hectars and extends all around the wine cellar and family home. The land is of calcareous marls tendentially clayey including layers of sandstone, left by the sea that once covered this land now covered in grapevines. It is in the Rocche vineyard facing south, certainly the most renowned and already known as “cru” in the XV century, that the ultimate grapes are selected for the Barolo Rocche, and the remainder for small quantities of Langhe Nebbiolo.

When Severino and Andrea finished school in 1985, they decided to continue the family’s work on the land and in the cellar by using organical farming methods, with great respect for the environment.

Chemical treatments against parasites were substituted by less toxic substances like powdered sulphur against oidium and copper-sulphate against mildew, or by natural products such as medicinal plant extracts and propolis, control of weeds is carried out by means of machines and by fertilizing with manure or products containing sea weed.

Work in the cellar proceeds with the use of natural clarifying agents like bentonite, albumen, gelatine and fish-glue, low doses of sulphurous anhydride (about 60 p.p.m.) are used to respect the E.E.C. STANDARDS.

All the work is certified by the ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica Ambientale)whose technicians control the work on the farm twice a year to verify if all the standards of production are respected.

Agritourism Erbaluna
Agritourism Erbaluna

Agritourism Casina Cerea
We are a southern German couple who fell in love with the area of Rocca Cigliè, a little village in the heart of the Langhe in the Piedmont, Italy . 5 years ago we finally realized our dream of living in this wonderful area as we have rehabilitated a 300-year-old farmhouse, now offering 4 holiday apartments.It is our vision to offer you a unique experience in this beautiful piece of the Piemont.

The area offers many recreational opportunities including hiking and biking as well as sightseeing. At the same time it is suitable for quiet relaxation. Our property, called Cascina Cerea, is connected by trails offering peaceful nature views. Culinary highlights include slow food, wine- and cheese tastings and quaint country markets. For wine enthusiasts the famous Barolo region is located nearby. Cultural highlights include magnificent castellos, medieval churches, chapels and several medieval towns.

Our food
In our farm store we offer our own organic certified farm products such as fruits, hazelnuts, vegetables, home-made jams and sauces. We also offer regional products from nearby producers of wine, butter, cheese, salami, pasta and olive oil. Additionally you will find a selection of beverages and beers in our store.

Agritourism Erbaluna
Agritourism Erbaluna

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