About Find Eat Local

Online booking marketplace for authentic local tours, tastings & experiences.

What is FindEatLocal?

FindEatLocal is specialized for finding and booking unique local adventures all over the world. We love creating authentic experiences and lifetime memories for travelers. All in one marketplace!

We empower travellers to connect with local providers and enjoy local food and wine tours, tastings, culinary classes and many other activities. We work only with trusted businesses, such as tour operators, local farms, wineries and others, whose services reflect the local, regional or national cuisine, heritage and culture. Start with your adventure, explore unique offers and book a bite of local cuisine.

Because We Love What We Do

We help travellers plan their trips and have a better experience by tasting original flavours. With us, it’s easier to enjoy good food or relax in close contact with local community, being more connected with traditional culture, local people and their customs.

Eat food that hasn’t traveled.

It’s healthier, more nutritious, has a smaller environmental impact, and you can experience the authentic taste of the region and local culture. We support local farmers, agritourism, wineries, farm-to-table restaurants and all other places and people who are doing their best to provide the healthiest, most authentic local food products. We’re all on this planet together. If you like to help us and contribute your share to sustainable food tourism, or just want to help us improve the world, join us and be a part of our global community.